Saturday, October 19, 2013

Freemason Musing

So, I watched this on TYT the other day:

More or less, I found this bizarre, and not to poke fun at the stenographer, I decided to go researching into it.  I understood a bit about Freemasons and the US constitution, including the big backlash against them in the early 19th century.  More and more searching, and I found myself musing about a setting for a urban horror/fantasy setting.

In the setting, the Freemasons operate as a force of hunters of the supernatural, trying to contain and stop rival conspiracies constructed by powers trying to "contain" humanity.  None of these forces are benevolent- but the Freemasons are our 'in' here- they help to found the United States, but fail to keep power over it.  Something about the Occult power of the US has gone rogue, and the Freemasons' agents are struggling in a losing war.

Magic and the supernatural is very subtle in this world, probably somewhat "consensus" reality like M:tA (take your pick of flavor there) but I'd think of it more akin to the Oblivion War Jim Butcher has in the Dresden Files.  Old Powers don't exist because people have forgotten them, and the Freemasons keep them contained.  Powers sometimes find ways in, like through the possession of individuals for their own ends.

Globalization has made things worse for the Freemasons- in the setting I envision, the Freemasons have two contradictory objectives:
-Protect humanity from the Others and never restrain their freedoms to do so.
-Keep secret the things humanity should never learn about again.

I imagine groups working for the Freemasons, who the freemasons use as catspaws, to get their missions done for them.  They can't involve themselves, they have the keys to the knowledge and can't share it without consequences.  But they can find those stuck who might need help or could be tricked into advancing their ends against the Old Powers.  Perhaps its piece best set about the question of The Truth.

Can you tell the truth?  What is the truth?  Can the truth ever really be just the truth?

Just a musing, might never do more with it.  Found the idea interesting.  Horror Conspiracies, wrapped in intrigues that operates like a procedural or perhaps like a heist at times.

And one person is always a Freemason, watching, hoping that they don't see what they think they are seeing.

(also by the way, Freemasonry isn't a conspiracy.  Just a club.  Fictional musing, for the sake of musing, you know?  Good, now go leave those masons alone.)