Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Can You Hear the Song?

Jeremiah sipped the shot of whiskey.  Ice cubes jingled.  Black and the bartender were the only ones there.  Black waited passed waiting time, passing a food credit to the bartender to keep open.  The owner and bartender of the Dying Earth tavern.  Dirty and worn, it was one of the ones the Dragons favored in Moria.
She walked in.  Jeremiah's horns twitched as the nervous scientist entered the Dying Earth.  She moved quickly, looking over her shoulder as she approached.  "You said we'd be alone-"Black waved a hand.  The bartender left."What about listening devices-"
"Please, Kana.  Give me a break, eh?  I've done this before, know what I'm doing, you know?"
"Dr. Madison, Mr. Black." She corrected. "And I guarantee this will make you one of the richest men under the sea."

Noah: the Kaiju-Song is a recent setting I created while (a) bored, (b) curious, and (c) wanting something my own that was psychic in nature.  So I took out Microscope (an already excellent game) and played a one-player (yes, defeating the purpose of a multiplayer RPG) game of it.  I have a rough timeline for Noah, and its grown out from that.

Noah is one of the few remaining cities on the Earth, located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, founded as a community after the surface of the planet became uninhabitable.  Its been on the bottom of the sea for centuries, having eventually grown out into the strata and seabed around it for more space.  They've also found something under the sea that triggers mutagenic and psionic effects.

Demons, psionics with deformities, and Angels, pyrokinetics with a fanatic bent, take over the population.  Their wars turn Noah into a complicated maze of intrigue, assassination and paranoia.  Add in the problems of a completely undersea environment, and things get stressful.  The Song, the last psionic kind to emerge, is a harmonic hivemind that is slowly absorbing all the Clayborn (normal) minds of Noah into it.

There is still some kinks to figure out with Kaiju-Song (there are Kaiju, they are a thing) but I hope to turn it into a complete FATE setting at some point.  Still under construction, although I put a page for it on the blog for the moment.


Musing here, but there are seven Icons in Noah:

Maru's Daughter: Demon and CEO of New Babylon, the most powerful Megacorp in Noah.

Dragon King: Crime boss who rules Moria and the dark underbelly of Noah.

Golden Crown: Leader of the Angels, the Golden Crown is convinced of the right of the Angels to rule Noah.

The Song: Hivemind, harmonic and growing every day, much to the alarm of Angel and Demon alike.

Prime Minister: Elected high office that is supposed to run the government of Noah, although many claim its corrupt tendrils keep that from happening.

The Oracle Jezebel:  Rebel Angel and anarchist prophet, living off of bizarre Kaiju (mutated animals) in the most devastated and damaged parts of Noah.

The Nephillim Heresy: Scientists trying to study and understand Noah from another underwater city.  Their research itself causes them to be drawn into the very unstable problems of the City.

Like in 13th Age, Noah has these seven key NPCs working at their own goals, changing and affecting the landscape around them.  Players in this environ work by performing Heists and Catching bounties wanted by one of these Icons and their faction.  I think later I might attach aspects and things to them, but this is the first big brush strokes of the nature of the landscape in Noah I've put down so far.

Whatcha think?  Want more of this?