Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 3: Demonic Rhapsody

Going to continue to fill in pieces for Noah: the Kaiju-Song.  Today its time to talk Demons.

“Ahem.”  The mediator from Tethys, Ras Elric, beat his gavel until the assemblage of Methuselah and Noah representatives quieted down.   
“Now, Professor Sirius, I am curious about what makes these Kaiju rocks-”
“Kaiju Gems!” Interjects a Noah representative.
“Yes, yes, whatever you call them.  What makes these Kaiju Gems so valuable to your two cities?  What are they?”
A skinny man in a brown pinstripe suit, his glasses thick and glowing with a bright techy-looking like, takes the podium. He wipes his sweaty palms and begins his presentation.  “The New Babylon Ubertechnologies and the Nephillum Institute conducted a research study, at first, for the power possibilities for Kaiju Gems.  Geothermal and Tidal power plants have their limitations, and the idea of a new power source that could allow new population growth motivated both organizations to work together on them.
“Kaiju Gems are somewhat quantum manipulative, that is, they alter the interaction of quantum level interactions.  At first, we concluded that they might be some sort of natural quantum computer, the result of something we are not aware of.  We think they must be artificial in origin, but the more we learn of them, the more mysterious they become. A single mass of Kaiju Gems can be used to store some forms of nuclear energy, but not much else.  Their use in practical power usage seems very limited and not ideal.
“Their side effects, however, have more uses.”  Images flicker to images of monsters and glowing human hands.  Eyes that emitted light and objects that floated in midair.  “The subject of Parapsychology has to be reopened.  Subjects exposed, most often by touch, to a Kaiju Gem have a chance to mutate.  They gain psychic powers, while becoming deformed.  The exact nature of these powers seems to be limited to the most altered and deformed. We call them ‘Demons’.  Demons are capable of-”
The lights flickered off, putting the room in darkness.  Something bestial let out a roaring scream.  Politicians panicked.


First of Noah's psychics to emerge after Kaiju-Gem exposure- well, first to survive exposure at any rate.  Demons have been a mainstay in Noah, their population ever growing since the discovery of Kaiju-Gems centuries ago.  All Demons possess physical deformities that make them appear inhuman, monstrous or simply bizarre.  All Demons are also innate biokinetics, capable of altering their biomass enough to create psychic effects.

Of course, Demons cannot create new mass.  They must maintain their baseline amount of mass.  Most Demons can't eliminate their own deformities to boot, which some think might be the result of some subconscious symbolism each Demon can't overcome.

Early on, the megacorp and major powerhouse in Noah, New Babylon Ubertechnologies studied Demons.  They developed a Psi Division.  This division conducted various operations that helped Babylon to blackmail and bribe its way to power over Noah's government for most of the century prior to the Rise of Angels.  Demon-based subterfuge helped Babylon succeed.  With a monolithic monopoly based on Demons, it was no surprise that those same Demons would come to dominate and control its board of directors.

Demon are recognized to be in one of two factions in Noah:  The Dragons, criminals that control the Moria Weave, and The Daughters of Maru, who control New Babylon Ubertechnologies.

The Dragons Crime Syndicate controls most of the large Moria Weave, using its trade in the deadly drug Kaiju Lotus (or simply The Lotus) to line their pockets.  They also participate in a variety of other criminal enterprises, including prostitution and smuggling illegal goods.  Some of these illegal goods include food or medical supplies blockaded by tariffs or laws Babylon benefits from.

Controlling family of Babylon, the Marus, mainly through their daughters, act and use Babylon to advance their own interests.  Their interests include the long term survival of Noah, as Babylon tech is part of what keeps Noah functioning.  Over the long-term, the Marus strive to bring more and more Demons under control, fearing that they might be the target of a pogrom should Angels attain control of Noah ever again.