Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can You Hear the Song? 2: Angelic Hymns

Zariel’s image flickered on the monitor.  Metatron seethed with rage.
Each non-psionic acolyte clutch their eyes, the pain too much for them to handle.  They scream and try to claw out their eyes.  Metatron watched as Noah Psi-Detainment dragged the unconscious Zariel into the van and drove off.
[So its true then?]  A red-haired angel asks Metatron telepathically.  Her name is Azrael.  
Metatron looks at her, as if recognizing her for the first time.  [What is true, Azrael?]
[Zariel.  You let Daniel and Haniel die.  Demons taunt you all the time.  But Zariel?  Its true isn’t it?]  Disappointment fills Azrael’s eyes.  [I always thought I had- well, a chance but-]
[Yes.] Metatron’s telepathic answer comes with tears as he weeps.  [They think they can use him to control me- that bastard PM thinks he can- fuck, Azrael.  I have to get him back.  Show them what happens when they take someone who belongs to me.]
Azrael looked down to the ground. [What do you have planned, then?]

Noah: the Kaiju-Song is a heist setting involving psionics, angels and demons at the bottom of the ocean.  Today I'm going to go into more depth on the Angels part of that equation.


Second of the psychics to be emerge from mutation and exposure to the mysterious Kaiju-Gems.  Unlike Demons, all Angels are beautiful and have no physical deformities.  They are all innate pyrokinetics, and can learn to channel and manipulate that energy fine enough to use telepathy and telekinesis as well.

Angels first appeared in Noah under the leadership of Metatron, who assembled what would later be called the Golden Crown.  Metatron and all the early Angels believed they were chosen to save Noah from the darkness that surrounds it.

Lets take a step back here; Angels find a connection to the founders of Noah itself.  The founders were fundamentalists who used their religious followers to build and create the undersea refuge centuries earlier.  Noah as a city has moved away from this religiously mad origins, but enough of it echoed to give Angels a guiding set of principles to found their movement on.

Metatron assassinated the Prime Minister of Noah.  He triggered a brutal power struggle with the New Babylon Corporation.  Angels and Metatron took control of Noah's government, putting a growing Cult in the center of it.

Things fell apart.  Metatron was killed, tricked into entering a building that a Daughter of Maru demolished in a wave of destruction.  The Cult of the Angels split into factions.

Nowadays, there are two factions that Angels belong to: The Golden Crown, which still believes that all Angels are the chosen of God, and the Oracle Jezebel, whose rebels angels try to steer Noah toward repairing what damage they perceive has been done to nature around them (particularly the Kaiju who make the Blue Dome so dangerous).


Led by the Uriel, the Golden Crown believes all demons to be servants of the devil and all angels to be the chosen of God.  Therefore, their Cult is the only place to be saved from the last seal and be saved at the End of Noah and the End of the World.

Frequently they work to overthrow the re-established Clayborn government and work against the auspices of Babylon.  The Golden Crown also espouses a rigid ascetic lifestyle, often practicing vows of chastity, poverty and vows of bloodletting in their devotion to their cause.  They also work to try and bring Jezebel and her angelic followers back in line, to preserve the image that so many find redeeming amongst the populace.


Jezebel is a disillusioned Angel who has made the previously-thought-too-dangerous-to-be-inhabitable Blue Dome and other wild spots of Noah her own.  Her faction doesn't care for racial bounds, and frequently has demons and angels working together.

Vegetarians and vegans, Jezebel and her own try to help contain and cure the wild Kaiju that infest parts of Noah.  This can trend toward ecoterrorism, as they often feel as though violence is the only solution against the industrial Babylon and unsympathetic Golden Crown.  Jezebel professes strict agnosticism, a fact Uriel has ignored so far.  More worrying, most of this faction also favor the use of drugs like the Lotus, which allow them to sometimes communicate with Kaiju or grant temporary powers to the Clayborn.

Angelic Respite...

That's it for Angels right now.  I'll do some more pieces, probably including a section for Demons, Clayborn (normal people) and the Song too.  No aspects mentions yet, I think I'll pin that all down later.