Saturday, June 19, 2010

Barbarians of Naga River Valley 1

The whole Barony thing disappeared eventually into the annals of Gamery History. But another thought came to me, and thus was the idea. The kernel of a thought.

The image of Men in Rage, going Berserk in the Wilds outside the Barony. So, it comes to this...

The Barbarians of Naga River Valley, to the East of the Barony. In the Frontier, outside the reach of the Inland Empire. Unsafe, villages here struggle, with only their tribal totems and their warbands to save them.

To the those of Naga River Valley, the Warband is made of those Heroes who keep their Tribes and their Villages alive and well. That is the role of the Player Characters, champions and masters of battle, serving their tribe's Warband.