Thursday, October 1, 2009

Werewolf's End

The werewolf game has reached its end. When a game goes on hiatus, in my view, its the death knell of the campaign. I don't want it to be shelved, but reasons beyond my control force my hand.

So the next game idea has come up. I'm down to 2 players (which I've run games for before) and we've decided to try out Mage: The Awakening. I've never run a Mage game before (old or new World of Darkness). Nor have any of my players played in one. So it balances out. Unlike my Werewolf game, I'm keeping completely to the new World of Darkness, ignoring the entirety of the old setting. In werewolf, I had to rework alot of the rules to fit. With Mage, I can leap in without too much heavy rules revision.

John Wick had suggested once a reward rule I think I might try out. He called it 'pushes', and I think it can be easily translated into the storytelling system. Now, the point of the 'pushes' is to reward the players and characters. Whenever they do something kewl, or just something you want to reward, you give them a 'push'. They in turn, can use a push to change dice results. Yeah, this system can tweak out the 'balance' of the game.

Muh. Give the players a bit of power and let them guide the direction of the story I say. Makes writing everything easier. Pushes and other things also help keep the players from dying left and right.

Well. Time to research New York City for ideas...