Thursday, September 24, 2009

Campaign Notes 1

I've started a new blog to record some ideas of mine and post them on the web. These ideas pertain to my campaigns and stories. Its my little thought-design-diary.

Hopefully my players won't find it.

The Robot Lords is a odd creation for a RPG game. For me, anyway. The game uses a bit of World of Darkness from all over. The players are Werewolves ported straight from Werewolf: the Apocalypse; the rules set is a amalgamated mesh of old World of Darkness and the new World of Darkness. In addition, the game is set in Chicago, 2004. Its focus in on a CyberPunkish look at Werewolves, and to see if they can handle the Machine without losing the Wolf inside.

A hiatus in the game, about a month or so of not playing it, motivated me to try a new tack for when it came back up to run again. I've decided to skip the timeline of the game ahead by a year. This is clearly a habit of some shows, but for me it felt necessary. The skip benefits the pace of the game, and lets my players not feel pressured to remember everything that has happened in the game thus far.

My style benefits from such skips. I've noticed this, and I like to make my stories and plots last years, not merely a two week period during the summer. My previous successful Eberron campaign, The Finders, made it clear to me that I do better at improvisation. I think that the idea of plotting out a beginning and a ending is the best parts for a adventure. I rather ignore the middle portion, and let the players figure it out on their own. It forces their creativity, and the challenge of making stuff on the spot thats reasonable and moves the story toward the ending, that satisfies me.

I have yet to run the game. I suspect it'll be a good time to run it again.